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Bandicam Crack is a lightweight screen recording software for Windows that can capture anything on your PC screen as high quality video. In addition, it is possible to record a specific area on the PC screen, or capture games using DirectX / OpenGL / Vulkan graphics technology.

Bandicam Patch  will help you take screenshots with a high compression rate, while keeping the video quality close to the original work and offering much better performance than other screenshot software offering similar functionality. .

Bandicam Keygen can record high quality games, videos and PC screens. Bandicam compresses the video while recording, therefore, the recorded file size is much smaller than that of other software.

BandiCam Screen Recording:

Bandicam Activator  is a free and easy-to-use screen recorder for Windows that lets you capture any area of your screen as a screenshot or screencast video file.

You can record conferences, webinars, games and Skype calls with the ability to add narration from the microphone and video from your webcam, and share them on YouTube or Vimeo. To record your computer screen, select Bandicam’s “Screen recording” mode.

Features of BandiCam Screen Recording:

  • Select the zone and save: Select the area of the screen you want to record and start recording immediately.
  • Real-time drawing: Draw and describe your videos or screenshots in real time.
  • Add a webcam view: Add your own webcam video to the videos you record.
  • Mix your own voices: Mix your own voice into the video you are recording’
  • Add logo to video: Put your own logo image on the video to show who created it.
  • Mouse Effects: Add mouse click effects and animation while recording.

BandiCam Game Recording:

Bandicam Game Recorder can record various 2D / 3D games such as Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Roblox, World of Warcraft and League of Legends which use DirectX / OpenGL / Vulkan graphics technology. It also allows you to record browser based flash games and online games available on your PC.

Features Of BandiCam Game Recording:

  • Bandicam is the perfect program for capturing and sharing video game captures online.
  • Bandicam compresses the video during recording. As a result, the size of the recorded file is much smaller than that of other capture software.
  • You can upload files recorded on YouTube without conversion (Full HD 720p / 1080p videos can be made).
  • GAME CAPTURE from 2D / 3D games
  • Bandicam can record high quality online games such as Fraps. (Alternative Fraps, better than Fraps)
  • You can record 4K Ultra HD videos with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 sizes and HD videos with max. 480fps.
  • You will encounter much less lag compared to other game capture programs (it uses a much lower CPU / GPU / HDD).
  • Features for advanced Bandicam users
  • Bandicam optimizes recording performance using the hardware accelerated H.264 encoder.
  • Gamers can record high quality video games for 24 hours without stopping (full auto record function can be used).
  • Players can view the number of frames per second (FPS) and control the frame rate while recording.

BandiCam Device Recording:

Bandicam Webcam Recorder is professional webcam recording software that allows you to record from any video device, including USB webcam cameras, video recording cards, and camcorders. With Bandicam, you can record webcam videos with audio and upload recorded webcam videos to YouTube.

Bandicam will allow you to stop recording automatically with the recording time or the size of the recorded file. The recorded webcam videos will be saved in various file formats including MP4, AVI and WAV files.

Bandicam Webcam Recorder fully supports NVidia NVENC / CUDA hardware accelerated h.264 encoder, Intel Quick Sync video and AMD VCE which can record videos at high speed, with high compression rate and excellent quality.

Features Of BandiCam Device Recording:

  • Record a “webcam video” on PC
  • You can record real-time webcam videos with high compression rate and high quality with Bandicam. (A webcam device is required.)
  • Record your “Xbox or PlayStation” gameplay on PC
  • You can record video game consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) in high quality. (A capture card and HDMI cable are required.)
  • Capture the screen of your iPhone / Smartphone on PC
  • You can record high quality iPhone, iPad, smartphone screens with Bandicam. (A capture card and MHL cable are required.)
  • Capture IPTV, APPLE TV, HDTV screens on PC
  • You can record high quality Apple TV or IPTV set-top boxes with Bandicam. (A capture card and HDMI cable are required.)

Bandicam Key Benefits:

  • The main advantages of Bandicam are its game recording functionality, web overlay functionality and dynamic screen recording mode.
  • Bandicam users can record footage of their game even while it is running, thanks to the tool’s excellent screen recording feature. It has basic and advanced options and settings, which users can configure before starting to record their gaming session. These settings include Output, Video, Image, General and FPS.
  • Primary and secondary audio devices can be selected in the More tab, which can be found in general settings, under Advanced options. Users can also enable two-voice mixing – where primary and secondary sounds are recorded on an audio track – from here. Auto-complete recording settings are also found under the Other tab. This allows users to set the desired recording time, set parameters after recording, and specify the maximum file size for their recordings.
  • Under Advanced settings, users have an option to add webcam overlay, which allows them to insert their webcam recording on the recording screen. The Logo tab allows users to add logos in PNG format.
  • Meanwhile, the Video setting allows users to display keyboard shortcuts while they are recording their game, such as the pause keyboard shortcut and the record / stop keyboard shortcut. They can also display a mouse cursor and add mouse click effects. The FPS limit can be set in the FPS settings. FPS overlays can also be reset from there. All of these game recording features are combined to help users produce high quality work.
  • Just as dynamic as the Bandicam screen recording mode. Cool features like the pencil feature – which allows the user to doodle and draw – allow the user to produce a personalized output. They can also set the projector to surround objects, items, or images on the screen, or use the arrows to do the same. Numbers can also be used to indicate steps, steps, or phases. This mode and function is ideal for video tutorials.
  • Users can also capture and record their webcam screen in real time while playing with the recording feature of the Bandicam device. Device screens, such as Playstation 3/4, Android, AppleTV, iPhone, iPad, and Xbox 360, can be recorded and captured after installing and adding certain hardware. Product development videos and gameplay are best done with this Bandicam feature.

Bandicam Key Features:

  • You can record more than 24 hours without stopping.
  • You can record 4K Ultra HD videos with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160.
  • You can download the recorded videos on YouTube without conversion (720p / 1080p).
  • The size of the recorded file is much smaller than that of other software.
  • Unlimited maximum file size (over 3.9 GB).
  • Alternative Fraps (better than Fraps)

What’s New Bandicam 4.6.5?

(Released on 12-11-2020)


  • Added a microphone noise suppression filter.
  • Added a sound level meter in the sound recording settings.
  • Added support for the Nv12 pixel format in Device Recording Mode.
  • The sound device list is now updated in real-time when the device is added or removed.
  • The FPS menu is now shown only in Game Recording Mode.

Bugs fixed:

  • The recording area changed when trying to change the recording mode during recording and cancelling it.
  • Fixed UI bug related to the screen recording window.
  • Other minor bugs have been fixed.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10


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Bandicam License Key & Activator Free Download

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